build your business, live your life, create memories

Professional editing services for the
busy photograher

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build your business, live your life, create memories

professional editing services for the busy photographer

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If you're ready to focus more time on your passion for photography and less time on the tedious task of editing, them I am ready to help!
I have been a photographer for 15 years and an editor for 4.  I understand each photographer's unique style, preferences, and artistic vision.  I tailor my editing technique to match your specific requirements, resulting in a more personalized and consistent final product. 

Hey, I'm Kelley!

I can't wait to meet you!

As a private photo editor, I take pride in my ability to provide personalized and tailored editing services to meet your specific needs.  With a keen eye for detail and a passion for photography, I strive to exceed your expectations with every edit.  From family portraits to weddings, and everything in between, I have the skills to make your photos truly extraordinary! 

Leigh G Photography

Kelley has helped bring stability and professionalism into my business through her editing expertise! Her editing is consistent and always replicates my style in the final images so that my clients get the high-quality images they deserve. As a business owner, I have enjoyed her communication style and easy and effective systems. She brings incredible value to my business by saving me time and helping me deliver incredible galleries to my clients. 

Fresh Look Photography

Working with Kelley has been such a joy and taken something that we all dread doing (editing) and made it a breeze! It is a simple process where the client simply has to edit a handful of anchor images, and Kelley uses them to cohesively edit the full gallery. The best part of doing this is knowing (in advance) that you won't have that editing looming over your head, and can spend time doing things you love instead! Hiring a private editor is a decision that you won't regret - so what are you waiting for?!

Chelsey Kraus Photography

If you're looking for an incredible editor - look NO further - Kelley is the best of the best!
I hired Kelley as my editor in 2020 and by far, investing in her help has made the biggest positive impact in my business, helping me to grow and scale my business quicker than I could imagine by having her support. From the time we had our initial Zoom consult, she radiated patience and understanding at the overwhelm editing both weddings and portraits had on me, and has continued to have such grace and patience with me as her client over the past 3 years. I recommend Kelley to everyone who mentions their desire to start outsourcing their editing! 
Not only is she an outstanding editor, but she has a quick turnaround time for galleries, is highly consistent and has been so kind in all the time we've been working together. She has always kept me in the loop of any changes, and given me thoughtful feedback to help me grow as a creative in the images I edit to provide for her as references for the rest of the gallery so that she can continue to provide the best service for me.  I give Kelley 5 stars and am so thankful for her!! 

Kind Words

• Exposure Adjustments
• White Balance and Color Corrections
• Cropping and Straightening
• HSL Adjustments
• AI Mask Syncing 
• Minor Local Adjustments


Tailored to fit your personal style

Photo Editing

• Duplicate Images
• Soft focus or out of focus images
• Images with eyes closed
• Extreme under or over exposed images
• Can be used in conjunction with editing or a sand alone service


In case you need a little extra support


do i need special software?

You edit between 10-20% of the images in your catalog as anchor images across various lighting scenarios and locations, or segments of the day so that I can match your style across your gallery.

How Do you match my style?

how much do you charge?

what is your turnaround time?


If you find yourself struggling to meet tight deadlines and manage your workflow effectively, outsourcing your editing is a great way to help with that! Having a dedicated editor ensures that your images are edited in a timely manner, maintaining consistency and meeting your client's expectations.
Outsourcing your editing involves more than just the application of presets or adjusting basic parameters.  As a skilled editor, I pay attention to intricate details, ensuring that every aspect of the image is perfected.  

Services & offerings

First we'll set up a Zoom call so that I can learn what your outsourcing needs are and how I can support you.  I am happy to answer any questions you have about editing.  

01. Let's chat!

The Process is Simple

Once you've decided to jump on board, I'll send you a PDF guide on how to begin exporting your catalogs to me.  I use Dropbox to send files back and forth.  I'll also send you a link to a shared document where you will input any sessions and/or weddings you plan on sending my way.

02. Onboarding

The Process is simple

Once your catalog is sent over, I'll begin the process of editing.  I'll stay in touch along the way and will reach out if I have any questions.  Once your catalog is ready I'll let you know!

03. Relax! I've got this!

the process is simple

With me as your editor, you can do just that!

it's time to grow the business of your dreams!

I am so excited to chat with you! I know outsourcing can seem like a big step, and even a little scary.  But I promise you, once you do you won't regret it! So take a minute and fill out this form and I'll be in touch! 

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